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VSAT services are sold in bandwidth increments. Bandwidth is related to the type of communication you need and the amount used in each time period. Voice and some data communication will need less bandwidth than a continuous video broadcasting channel.

In Lujosh Ventures Limited We offer a wide range of Satellite link sizes to feet every customer need. Our VSAT services can connect through one of our hubs in USA or the Middle East.

As your usage matures and stabilizes, Lujosh will continue to monitor your usage and will periodically report and advice on any changes you may need to do with your bandwidth.
The advanced monitoring system will let you monitor yourself the usage and bandwidth consumption of your site (or sites) to make sure that you get the best value for money and the fastest ROI (Return of Investment).

Service at glance:
HUB Platform    : Shiron Intersky
Satellite Used   : NSS-10, LMI-1 etc, C-Band
Bandwidth        : 32Kb/32Kb to 2Mb/6Mb
Min. Dish Size  : 1.8m
Min. BUC         : 2W

Service at glance

The Satellite:
Intelsat 802
Intelsat 907
Intelsat 704
Intelsat 901

Satellite is a high-performance state-of-the-art spacecraft launched in 2005.The satellite's advanced design and high-powered C-band beams are capable of providing service with higher data throughput to smaller antennas, with unsurpassed levels of reliability - even in areas of high rain zones. SS-10's high-throughput levels make it an ideal platform to support VSAT.

Coverage foot print:

NSS-10 LMI-1 Intelsat802
Intelsat 907 Intelsat 704 Intelsat 901

Back Bone Technology:
Shiron’s two-way broadband satellite communications system provides fast and efficient Internet, Interactive Multimedia and wide-ranging IP applications. Innovative and cost-effective, This also brings high-quality broadband IP access to even the remotest locations.
Providing transparent IP connectivity, this technology allows service providers and enterprises to connect customers – businesses, remote offices, rural tele-centers, regional ISP’s, schools and government institutions – to all facets of the IP network.

The system brings the Internet and the ‘triple play’ services of voice, data and video to customers anywhere – even in regions that have no terrestrial infrastructure. And by bypassing terrestrial communication bottlenecks, it operates at unprecedented speeds. No fair-weather friend, delivers high-quality connectivity in all climatic conditions. Rainproof, the system equips service providers in the rainiest regions to offer access without additional equipment, power or bandwidth. It enables multiple users to enjoy multimedia applications at high speeds.

The Shiron/InterSKY iRG-S2 Gateway:
InterSKY offers a complete range of remote gateways for delivering high-quality two-way IP satellite broadband services. These remote gateways combine VSAT and IP devices, with separate inbound and outbound connections to the InterSKY hub. Outbound connectivity can be supported by DVB-S and DVB-S2.

InterSKY remote gateways provide satellite broadband connectivity for virtually all IP applications supported in terrestrial networks:
Corporate networking
Multiple PC Internet access
Cellular backhaul
Multiple Voice Over IP (VoIP) lines
Trunking applications such as wireless access

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